<HTML> <!-- images used: litemum.jpg navyflg1.gif armyflg2.gif litemum.jpg 38bc.jpg 38arisaka.pdf--> <HEAD> <title>BANZAI Special Project #16 - The Japanese Chose The Smith & Wesson</title> <meta name="description" CONTENT="BANZAI Special Project #16 - The Japanese Chose The Smith & Wesson - 19th Century Smith & Wesson pistols used by the Japanese"> <meta name="keywords" CONTENT="Smith, Wesson, Smith & Wesson, Smith and Wesson, Japanese marked smith, japanese smith & wesson, Japan, mum, mon, Meiji, feudal weapons, Arsenal, arsenal, pre 19th century japanese weapons, Model 1, Model 1 1/2, Model 2, Model 3, model 1, model 2, model 3, New Russian, new russian"> <meta name="revisit-after" CONTENT="15 days"> </HEAD> <BODY BACKGROUND="http://www.castle-thunder.com/pics/litemum.jpg"> <FONT FACE="helvetica, arial"> <center> <P> <IMG ALIGN="left" src="http://www.castle-thunder.com/type38arisaka/pics/navyflg1.gif" ALT="Naval Flag"><IMG ALIGN="right" src="http://www.castle-thunder.com/type38arisaka/pics/armyflg2.gif" ALT="Army Flag">Announcing <I>Banzai&copy Special Project #16:</I><br> <BIG><BIGGER><u>The</u> <u>Japanese</u> <u>Chose</u> <u>The</u> <u>Smith</u> <u>&</u> <u>Wesson</u></Bigger></BIG><br> <br> A Study Of 19th Century Smith & Wessons Used in Japan<br> <FONT SIZE=-1>By Francis C. Allan, Chip Goddard, Takehito Jimbo </P> <P> <TABLE> <CAPTION ALIGN="TOP"><FONT COLOR="FF0000"><BIG>Order * <A HREF="http://www.castle-thunder.com/tjctsaw/pics/tjctsawct.pdf" target="_new">The Japanese Chose The Smith & Wesson</A> * By Mail, $18</BIG></FONT></A></CAPTION> <CAPTION ALIGN="BOTTOM"><FONT COLOR="FF0000"><BIG>Order * <A HREF="http://www.castle-thunder.com/tjctsaw/pics/tjctsawct.pdf" target="_new">The Japanese Chose The Smith & Wesson</A> * By Mail, $18</BIG></FONT></A></CAPTION> <TR VALIGN="TOP"> <TD WIDTH="250"><FONT SIZE=-2>This 70-page book is the result of over 30 years of research on the subject of 19th century Smith & Wesson pistols imported and used in Japan. This new publication covers Smith & Wesson Model 1, Model 1 1/2, Model 2 Army, and Model 3 revolvers imported into Japan from the mid-1850s through the early 1900s. These pistols represented both private-commercial and military sales. The Model 2 Army revolvers were the first handguns purchased in quantity by the Japanese government. The four variations of the Model 3 revolvers were the first official handguns adopted by both the Imperial Japanese Army and the Imperial Japanese Navy. The Model 3 revolvers served through the end of the Second World War and were among the most prized souvenirs brought back by U.S. Veterans. Recorded data has been analyzed and a nearly complete understanding has been obtained of the Meiji Era firearm registration process. This requirement resulted in most of the Japanese markings appearing on these pistols under study. The book contains what is most likely the only detailed analysis of this process and its application to Smith & Wesson pistols in print. The book consists of the appropriate chapters extracted from <I>Japanese Imported Arms Of The Early Meiji Era</I> and expanded with additional detailed color photographs of weapons and newly reported examples. Consisting of 70 pages, the book covers the subject matter with many color and black and white photographs, original drawings, and a detailed listing of known surviving examples and translations of their markings.. Included in the book are tables and charts identifying and translating the common registration and other markings as found on many of the revolvers identified in this study. If you have an interest in antique Japanese Arms, or antique Smith and Wessons, there is something in this book for you! Cost: $18.00 post paid in the U.S. (non-U.S. orders add additional postage) <BR> </FONT></TD> <TD WIDTH="25" align="center"><FONT SIZE=5 COLOR="FF0000">B<br>U<br>Y<br><br>N<br>O<br>W<br>!<br><br><br>B<br>U<br>Y<br><br>N<br>O<br>W<br>!<br></FONT></TD> <TD><A HREF="http://www.castle-thunder.com/tjctsaw/pics/tjctsawct.pdf" target="_new"><img src="http://www.castle-thunder.com/tjctsaw/pics/tjctsawbcmed.jpg" ALT="The Japanese Chose The Smith & Wesson"></A></TD> <TD WIDTH="25" align="center"><FONT SIZE=5 COLOR="FF0000">B<br>U<br>Y<br><br>N<br>O<br>W<br>!<br><br><br>B<br>U<br>Y<br><br>N<br>O<br>W<br>!<br></FONT></TD> <TD WIDTH="250"><FONT SIZE=2><B>For more information, contact the author <A HREF="mailto:&#116;&#104;&#101;&#095;&#097;&#108;&#108;&#097;&#110;&#115;&#095;&#102;&#099;&#108;&#097;&#064;&#121;&#097;&#104;&#111;&#111;&#046;&#099;&#111;&#109;?subject=Japanese Imported Arms on Castle-Thunder.com&bcc=&#108;&#111;&#114;&#100;&#103;&#097;&#114;&#110;&#101;&#116;&#116;&#064;&#099;&#097;&#115;&#116;&#108;&#101;&#045;&#116;&#104;&#117;&#110;&#100;&#101;&#114;&#046;&#099;&#111;&#109;">Frank Allan</A></B>.<BR><BR> <B>Order by mail?</B> Download .pdf order form<br> <center><B><A HREF="http://www.castle-thunder.com/tjctsaw/pics/tjctsawct.pdf" target="_new">The Japanese Chose The<BR>Smith & Wesson</A></B></center> <B>Sample Reviews:</B><BR> Wow! Once again, the Authors of <A HREF="http://www.castle-thunder.com/tjctsaw/pics/tjctsawct.pdf" target="_new">The Japanese Chose The Smith & Wesson</A> have created a must have for the Collector of Japanese weapons...the color pictures & translations of their markings are more than worth the nominal $18 'price of admission.' The cross reference of Kanji markings to English will be invaluable in translating those mystical markings on the weapons we encounter in our collecting endeavors. Known surviving examples, markings, & translations in published form allow for comparison, study, & reference for similarly marked weapons of non-Japanese manufacture. The authors continue to illuminate the previously lightly researched field of 19th Century Japanese Firearm Collecting. Limited Printing, Buy an extra copy, I did! <B><A HREF="http://www.castle-thunder.com/tjctsaw/pics/tjctsawct.pdf" target="_new">Buy yours NOW!</A><BR> Trey Stancil - Hayden, AL</B><BR><BR> The next greatest thing since sliced bread, Milwaukee's Best Light Beer, <A HREF="http://www.castle-thunder.com/type38arisaka/pics/38arisaka.pdf" target="_new">The Type 38 Arisaka</A> and <A HREF="http://www.castle-thunder.com/japaneseimportedarms/pics/japaneseimportedarmsbookad.pdf" target="_new">Japanese Imported Arms</A>!<BR> <B>D. H. White Jr. Esq. - Eva, AL</B><BR><BR> We helped take some more pictures! <BR> <B>W.&I. Stancil Hayden, AL</B></FONT></TD> </TR> </TABLE> </FONT> </P> </center> <BR><BR><BR><BR><BR> <HR> <A HREF="http://www.castle-thunder.com/">CASTLE-THUNDER.COM</A> - Back to Main page <HR> <P> <I>Copyright 2002-20011 Banzai Bomber and Friends&reg</I> This page best viewed at 1024x768 resolution</P> </FONT> </BODY> </HTML>