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NMSSA and NM MILSURPS FUN SHOOT ... August 17, 2013

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PostPosted: Thu May 30, 2013 5:38 pm    Post subject: NMSSA and NM MILSURPS FUN SHOOT ... August 17, 2013 Reply with quote

New Mexico Shooting Sports Association (http://www.nmssa.org/)

Date: Saturday August 17, 2013

Hosted by: New Mexico Military Surplus Rifles Pistols Shooters (NM MILSURPS)

Where: Albuquerque Shooting Range Park (ASRP) at the 50 – 500 Meter / 300 – 1,000 Yard Club Range
Website for direction to the range and range rules …

Time: 0900 to 1600 hours (9 AM to 4 PM)

Range and Shoot Fees:
The cost for the shoot is $10.00 per person and extra $6.00 dollars will be required to pay the required ASRP Daily Range Fee. $1.00 of every shooters fee will be donated to NMSSA by NM MILSURPS. (You must present your dated receipt from the ASRP to the club officials to be able to shoot in this fun shoot, no exceptions)

Shoot Information:
This Open Shoot will be for both NMSSA and NM MILSURPS members and their guests (yes, you) to participate with NM MILSURPS to see what our club is all about.
We will set-up various targets at 200, 300 and 500 meters for people to shoot at to see how well they can shoot at these distances. (If the conditions at the range are good, depending on the mirage, weather, etc. we will also possibly be able to shoot up to 1,000 yards as well)
The main target sizes will be the following sizes:
At both the 200 and 300 Meter banks there will be a 30’ round steel target which approximately simulates the NRA High Power SR Military Target – “Target, Rifle, Competition Short-Range” minus the 5 ring.
The target at the 500 Meter bank will be an oblong 45’ high by 30’ wide steel target which approximately simulates the NRA High Power MR-1 Target - "Target, Rifle, Competition Mid-Range" minus the 5 ring.
There will also be other smaller steel targets at these ranges for those who want to challenge themselves into hitting smaller targets.
All the main targets will be painted black with 10” white circle painted in the center of them so that it can be used a reference as to where the hits on the target accrued.
You may bring any type of firearm that you wish to use to shoot at these targets; military rifles, sporting rifles or hunting rifles (scoped or non-scoped). The only type of firearms that may not be used is any .50 caliber center-fire rifles as they will destroy our targets. Fully Automatic weapons are also not permitted as they not allowed to be used at the ASRP.
You may use any type of ammunition that you wish to shoot at the targets; softpoint, FMJ (steel or non-steel core) except for tracers, incendiary, high explosive or a combination of these that can start a down range fire may never be used for any reason and are also not allowed to be used at the ASRP.
The positions the shooter wishes to shoot at will be left to their discretion which could be prone supported or un-supported, kneeling, sitting or offhand.
No Bench Type shooting will be allowed as we do not have benches available at this particular range to do this type of shooting.
We will have sand bags stacked two or three high and / or a basic three point front rifle rest to use to shoot from for those who wish to shot in the prone supported position. You may also bring your own rest if you wish but please note that only the forearm of the firearm can only be laid upon either the sandbags or rest. No back rest or bags will be allowed to be used to support the buttstock at all.
The reason we do not allow these is that as we are an as-issued military firearms shooting club and ordinary soldiers who shot these firearms did not have the luxury of using these type items in the field of battle.
If you are sensitive to recoil you may use a slip-on recoil pad on the buttstock or the shoulder to help you out.
There will be shooting mats and blankets set up at every station for shooter wishing to shot in the prone position and those who wish to bring their personal ones are welcome to do so.
We will have members of the club at this shoot to help you spot your rounds down range, read the range winds and to help coach you in hitting the targets down range if you wish. You may also bring your own binoculars and or spotting scope as well if you wish to see hits down range.
Please be sure to provide your own refreshments, food, sunscreen, or anything that you will need to the shoot as the range this time of the year can get very sunny and hot.
Hearing and Eye Protection will be required for all shooters. All shooters will be issued an ‘Empty Chamber Indicator’ which must be placed in the firearm when not in use to show that the firearm is not loaded.
We will ask all those who coming to the shoot to please park on the far west side of the range we are using by the yellow NM MILSURP Container Box and then walk up to the 200 meter shooting line pad to check-in with the NM MILSURP range officials there.

If you need any more information on this shoot please contact NMSSA Recording Secretary and NM MILSURPS Secretary Patrick Hernandez at ordnancesgt@yahoo.com, recordingsecretary@nmssa.org or funshootcoordinator2@nmssa.org
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