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War Era Children's SparklerThe purpose of this website is to share the experience of collecting Japanese Militaria. I don't claim to be an expert, but I do have some knowledge of Nippon Militaria in general. I am not glorifying or condoning any actions by any individuals of a country in a time of war, just trying to share some information on the various trophy's that have made it back 'across that pond' known as the Pacific. Any information on this site is gathered from a variety of sources and personal experience. Reference books and publications are listed here, any information used on these pages will be from them or from correspondence and conversations with various other collectors with hundreds of years of experience in Collecting Japanese Militaria.

Ultimately I hope to have a fully functional website that will aid the novice in identification of that trophy grandpa brought back from the war. There will be rifle identification pages and pictures, pistol pages and pictures, bayonet pages and pictures, as well as some neat stuff that I've found over the years. If you have any questions, or stories to relate, by all means, please feel free to contact me, I'd like to hear from you.

There is ongoing research into the variations of Japanese Rifles and Pistols, please clink on the BANZAI link here or on the Links page for more information.

The background on this page is a representation of the Royal Chrysanthemum generally found on the receiver of most Japanese Military Rifles, signifying ownership of the Emperor. At right is a picture of a child's Sparkler offered for sale on eBay years ago.

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